Nigeria’s Largest Healthcare Provider Network, Hygeia HMO Debuts ‘Street Talk’ in partnership with Rhythm 93.7 FM Lagos ‘Health Vibes’

Leading Health Maintenance Organization, Hygeia HMO has partnered with Health Vibes on Rhythm 93.7fm to launch the first ever vox pop focused on health and wellness. The weekly vox pop ‘Hygeia HMO Street Talk’ is aimed at improving awareness on crucial health issues across the country by featuring rapid-fire questions and answers focused on overall health and wellbeing.

According to Hygeia HMO CEO, Mr Obinnia Abajue, “Our mission is simple: to help our Nigerians access quality healthcare affordably. Nigerians need access to healthcare that is not only of good quality but is also affordable enough for them to actually enjoy.” It should also be noted that Hygeia HMO recently introduced monthly healthcare payment plans and showing a commitment to continue providing innovative solutions that will better impact the society at large. Rhythm 93.7fm Lagos ‘Health Vibes’ is a 30 minutes health and wellness show aimed at providing and equipping listeners with accurate information needed to live a healthy, wholesome and productive life. ‘Our vision is to be the foremost interactive mainstream radio show providing localized information on health and wellness in Nigeria. We are excited to introduce the Street Talk segment on the show in partnership with Hygeia HMO’ says Kemi Olawoye, Co-host Health Vibes. Hygeia HMO Street Talk will air every Tuesday on Rhythm 93.7fm Lagos from 3:30-4pm.

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