Top Quotes from the Convening on Africa’s Economic Transformation in Brussels

“Africa needs to create jobs to match the needs of its growing population. The Tony Elumelu Foundation is contributing immensely to reach this objective.”– Deputy Director General, EU Commission, Mr. Koen DoensClick To Tweet

“Our immediate future plan is to expand our reach. We want to get more women involved. When we first started, we had about 29% female participation and now we have progressively it has increased to almost 42%.” – @TonyOElumeluClick To Tweet

“TEF is spread across all African countries. Even more than most major consumer goods. Tony O Elumelu has only one competitor which is Coca-Cola. TEF is in every #African country. It is so impressive!” – @ZinsouofficielClick To Tweet

“To achieve the spread desired, we need government agencies to support in creating the right policies and enabling an environment for SMEs to thrive. Individuals can also support by volunteering as mentors. It is a complete ecosystem where everyone works together to create the right market opportunities.”- @TonyOElumelu  Tony O. ElumeluClick To Tweet

“Tony Elumelu, we recognise your support in Liberia during the Ebola crisis and thank you for your humanitarian efforts. “- Prince C. Maxwell of the Embassy of Liberia in Brussels Prince C. Maxwell Click To Tweet

“I am a product of luck and I have seen what luck can do. The best legacy I can leave is to institutionalise luck.” – @TonyOElumelu Tony O. ElumeluClick To Tweet

“I often say to my friends: It is not enough to invest your money outside the continent. We need to keep our money in and let it work for us here on the continent – this is one way we can create more economic activities and accelerate Africa’s prosperity.” – @TonyOElumelu

The world is filled with many brilliant ideas – but what we need right now is people who act to implement the many big ideas that can aid development and prosperity.”- @TonyOElumelu

“I believe that the world generally wants to achieve collective prosperity. However, this must be done in a way that is sustainable.” – @TonyOElumelu

“To the incoming European leaders, first, I say congratulations. You come in at a critical point. Africa and Europe have a geographical and historical relationship. However, we must improve the focus. Now it is time work towards more practical interventions that are sustainable, measurable and can make a difference.” – @TonyOElumelu

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